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The following is a Health Maintenance Program we recommend to our patients:

Age 13-18

Chlamydia (if sexually active)
Gonorrhea (if sexually active)
HIV (if sexually active)
Fasting Glucose

Age 19-39

Chlamydia (if age 25 or younger and sexually active)
Gonorrhea (if age 25 or younger and sexually active)
Fasting Glucose

Age 40-64

Colorectal Cancer Screening/colonoscopy preferred:
(age 50+ & Low Risk: every 10 years)
(age 50+ & High Risk: Consult Colorectal Specialist)
Fasting Glucose (age 45+: every 5 years)
Lipid Profile (age 45+: every 5 years)
Mammography (age 40-49: every 1-2 years)
(age 50+: annually)

Age 65+

Colorectal Cancer Screening/colonoscopy preferred (every 10 years)
Fasting Glucose (every 5 years)
Lipid Profile (every 5 years)
Mammography (annually)
BMD (not more than every 2 years)
TSH (every 5 years)

Preventative Care for ALL age groups

Low fat diet with exercise
Breast Self Exams
Regular eye exams
Sunscreen usage and dermatology screening
Daily Multi-Vitamin with a minimum of 1200mg of calcium and 800mg of vitamin D
Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption
No Smoking!
ALWAYS wear your seat belt!