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    In Office Procedures

    MonaLisa Touch, Endometrial Ablation, Essure Sterilization, Colposcopy and IUD Insertion.

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    Recommended Health Screenings

    The following is a Health Maintenance Program we recommend to our patients. Age 18-39 Cholesterol- Every 5 years (more frequently if abnormal) Fasting Blood Sugar – Every 3 years if: • Family history of diabetes • History of gestational diabetes during pregnancy • Overweight Age 40-50 Thyroid Test – Every 5 years Blood Chemistry Panel

    • 24 OCT 16
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the no incision tubal ligation? It is an outpatient female sterilization procedure that involves inserting a scope into the cervix and uterus and placing plugs into the tubal openings. It is considered permanent sterilization and cannot be reversed. It is an easy one-day procedure with no post-operative discomfort. It is 99% effective. I