• MonaLisa Touch

    What is the MonaLisa Touch Therapy?

    MonaLisa touch is a minimally-invasive treatment utilized to improve the health and pliability of the vaginal mucosa or inner lining of the vagina. A specially designed CO2 fractional laser is used in an office setting to treat an atrophic or thin and sensitive vaginal wall. The laser has unique characteristics of penetrating light or laser energy deep into the layers of the vaginal wall in such a way that it stimulates collagen and returns the vaginal tissue to a state that was present prior to the changes induced by menopause of other conditions.

    Important Post Procedure Instructions

    1. Most women have minimal to no pain with the therapy; however, a few women may note some slight localized discomfort.


    2. Avoid sexual activity for 72 hours.


    3. Avoid activities that increase body temperature for 24-48 hours following the procedure.


    4. You may return to work the same day after your procedure.

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