The immunizations below are available at Southwest Florida Women’s Group, the Health Department or your Primary Care Physician.

Southwest Florida Women’s Group
• Influenza –  Every year (pregnant patients only)
• Tetanus booster (Tdap) – Every pregnancy  (pregnant patients only)
• Meningococcal vaccine
• Shingles vaccine – Age 60
• Pneumonia – Age 65 or earlier if chronic disease
• Measles/Mumps/ Rubella – if not immune
• Varicella (chickenpox) – if not immune
• Hepatitis A & B vaccines

Recommended Health Screenings

The following is a Health Maintenance Program we recommend to our patients.

Age 18-39
Cholesterol- Every 5 years (more frequently if abnormal)
Fasting Blood Sugar – Every 3 years if:
• Family history of diabetes
• History of gestational diabetes during pregnancy
• Overweight

Age 40-50
Thyroid Test – Every 5 years
Blood Chemistry Panel (including lipids) – Every 5 years
CBC (blood count test) – Every 5 years
Mammogram – Every Year!

Age 50 and over
Mammogram – Every Year!
Thyroid Test – Every 3 years
Blood Chemistry Panel (including lipids) – Every 3 years
CBC (blood count test) – Every 3 years
Bone Density Screening for Osteoporosis – At age 50 then every 5 years. (Sooner if risk factors)
Colonoscopy – Every 5-10 years (Every 3-5 years if family history of Colon Cancer or Personal History of colon polyps)

Preventative Care for ALL age groups
Low fat diet with exercise
Breast Self Exams
Regular eye exams
Sunscreen usage and dermatology screening
Daily Multi-Vitamin with a minimum of 1200mg of calcium and 800mg of vitamin D
Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption
No Smoking!
ALWAYS wear your seat belt!